The chick trip to Chikkamagaluru

Hickery Dickery Dock!!

The Clock struck 4.20 AM.

And the day had started, the excitement had begun.

3..2…1..!! and vrooooommmm!!

And our Chikkamagaluru trip started.On our way, we had our breakfast at a very fancy place, @Hotel Sagar.

After the heavy heart breakfast, we resumed our journey singing. We met ‘ChikkamagaluSiricafe. That cafe has a wonderful sculpture of a beautiful woman who is believed to be the younger daughter, from where the place name arrived.

After posing with her, we headed towards the Seethalayyan Giri which can be called as twin hill of Mulayyan Giri. As we reached there at around 12, we were hungry as we’re all foodies. So we had some Maggie, spiced cucumber, bhel and some packs of Lassi from a petty shop of a granny at the foot of the hill. Fully energised, we raced to the hill top. Anyway my BILs won and I didn’t come last either!! Thats what I was happy about :)

The hill top is a magnificent place. The view was just awesome. It was as if the clouds were poking the hill tips, that too in the mid noon. That was really amazing. We clicked tons of photos there talking how much we missed the morning mist and mood!!

As it was late now, we climbed down the hill, drove to our booked resort ShanthiKunnj Resort to freshen up. They welcomed us with aarti and kokum juice. Later at night, they’d arranged us with the fire camps and DJ for which we danced till our feet hut.

Day ended after our dinner and a long time chitchats with my Chicks. The day was so tiring that we fell fast asleep as soon as our heads hit the pillow.

The next day!! I woke up at around 7 AM to find all my chicks cocooned in the white sheets. After the hot coffee by resort, seeing the morning bliss give us all a kiss, chirping of the birds and the beautiful surroundings we headed towards a 3KM trek. The guide walked us around the rocks, riverside and jungle showing the coffee plantation, different kinds of woods and birds.

Once back, we got ready, had English breakfast and left ShanthiKunnj. Then we headed towards a temple nearby to seek the blessings. Temple was ancient place with the beautiful carvings on the wall. The priest there told about the temple, its history, thicks and thins it has gone through and power of the God. Then we went to hanging bridge and even there, my chicks didn’t leave a chance of posing.

Later we had lunch at a small but clean place in the city and left towards Belur which was on our way. After having a lot of fun there, we headed back to Bengaluru. Bidding bye to cousins we started towards our place, took a warm shower, had dinner and ended one of the beautiful journey with loads of memories.

One can have a 5 day trip to Chikkamagaluru and yet there will be places left to visit, as it has places from hills to private waterfalls. Hope you’ll visit and have a good time just like me :)


Until next time 🙂 🙃

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